क्षिप ॐ स्वाहा on the web

The Vipati mantra became the Gāruḍa mantra par excellence by the tenth century.  I discuss its early and elaborate ritual system at length in my impending dissertation (now published as Early Tantric Medicine, 2017, Oxford University Press).

Previously I used this post to list the links cited in my dissertation and book. However, because of the ephemeral nature of the internet, most of these links have now changed or gone away. I encourage those interested in finding discussions of the Vipati mantra on the internet to run searches with various spellings of the mantra syllables, such as “ksipa om svaha,” “kshi pa om sva ha,” “oṃ pakṣi svāhā,” and many other dozens of possible spellings, spacings, and orderings of the syllables.
This should turn up dozens (or more!) of current websites, just as it did when I originally searched around 2010.