Support my Tantric Medicine Book Project

I have launched a project page on Kickstarter to help me get my book on the Garudam medical tradition finalized and sent to a publisher this summer.  Please consider supporting this effort, and let people know about who might be interested in it.  But please do not post it unsolicited to any email LISTSERV, which is against the rules of Kickstarter.
Thank you for the support!

4 thoughts on “Support my Tantric Medicine Book Project

  1. I need more information regarding kashypa samhita. Detail explanation about the contents. Thank you sir

  2. Hi, I met a tantric Dr. in Nepal more than 30 years ago and spent sometime learing and healing with the energetic medicine he had. Though he showed us a a very ancient book with the signs of the missing energetic element in our system, I could never find any information about this fabulous and ancient medicine. If I can help you, please let me know.

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