Artwork of A Garland of Forgotten Goddesses, Part 2 of 12

This next line drawing created for A Garland of Forgotten Goddesses portrays the sister goddesses Cāmuṇḍi and Uttanahaḷḷi.

The artist is Laura Santi, and she created each of the images based on descriptions of the goddess in each story. None of these stories were available in English until now. A high quality digital download of the drawing is available at the artist’s Etsy page.

The chapter translates two songs from the southern Karnataka Kaṃsāḷe community. The first one titled “Sister, stand on my tongue and fight” is the inspiration for the featured illustration. Here is part of it from Caleb Simmons’ translation of the Kannada:

“Sister, … What is your trouble?”
asked Uttanahaḷḷi Māramma.

“You said ‘What is your trouble?’
How do I reply, Sister?
I have killed Mahiṣāsura,

but now if I strike Aisāsura
from every small drop of his blood
that falls to the ground. …
Countless demons
are born, Sister.

Mother Uttanahaḷḷi feels
fire in her belly and says,
“Sister, when I am here, why should you fear?
His blood won’t fall to the ground anymore!
Fight, Sister!”
“Sister, it isn’t possible.”
“Ugh! Why are you worrying?
At this moment, I am spreading
my seven tongues around the hill.
Sister, stand on my
seven tongues and fight!

“Sister, stand on my seven tongues
and fight,” says Uttanahaḷḷi
as she spreads out her tongue.
Courage comes to Cāmuṇḍēśvari of the hill.

A Garland of Forgotten Goddesses, UC Press 2021