क्षिप ॐ स्वाहा on the web

The Vipati mantra became the Gāruḍa mantra par exellence by the tenth century.  I discuss its early and elaborate ritual system at length in my impending dissertation, and here I collect the web references to it that I cite.  Each is given some amount of explanation there, but here I simply list:

There are even more links and references, but these are representative.


3 thoughts on “क्षिप ॐ स्वाहा on the web

  1. WavatarMichael Post author

    Thank you for the update. It is a pity that the book and audio is not available to the public, but I certainly understand the reasoning for secrecy in these matters.

  2. WavatarDavid Green

    Yes, like most Tibetan teachers he asks that people receive at least the ‘lung’ spoken transmission of a mantra first. However, many of his webcasts are ‘open’ and free, and on the last day of each he gives many lungs, including several Garuda mantras. The texts and recordings are restricted to members of his Dzogchen Community but anyone receiving the lung can use the mantras they receive via a webcast. Here is the webcast site:


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